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Meet Julia Bogan, Our Latest Stylist Spotlight at EISS!


What’s your favorite product from EISS?

Oligo’s Calura Gloss would definitely be my favorite EISS product! It has changed the game for me behind the chair for me. Calura Gloss brings my clients entire color session together creating beautiful tones and adding so much shine into their hair and the smell just tops it all off!

What new skills would you like to learn?

I would really love to learn more in-depth hair cutting techniques. I always find myself intrigued when I see other stylist post videos of them doing new and different hair cutting techniques! I would also love to learn more about extensions! Extensions are so interesting and there are so many different types and techniques to do with extensions that I would really love to be more educated in. 

Who’s your biggest mentor? 

My biggest mentor in this industry has been my mom. She was there when when I first mentioned wanting to be a hairstylist, she was there when I started my first day of cosmetology school, she there when I passed my state-board test, and there for my first salon job and there for me when that didn’t work out and I started my first day at the salon I’m at now and she is now watching me flourish in my career! she’s always been there to guide me, encourage me, and support me, and momma’s ALWAYS got the right answers! I would not be where I am without my mom and her mentor-ship, love, and support. 

Where do you find your inspiration? 

I find my inspiration through other stylists. Seeing other stylists be successful and love their job and hear their stories on where they started compared to where they are now inspires me to continue to better myself to be the best stylist I can be for my clients and peers as well as to reach all of my goals I have for my career! I’m always looking forward to new opportunities in this career! 

What is the most rewarding part about being a stylist?

The most rewarding  part about being a stylist is a hard question because there’s a lot of rewarding things about being a stylist. If I had to pick one I would say it has to be seeing that instant confidence boost in your client after giving them the hair of their dreams! It’s such an amazing feeling turning your client around to the mirror to show them the finished product of your hard work and seeing a smile on their face! It’s such an honor to be able to make beautiful people FEEL beautiful! It will NEVER get old! 

What is your favorite cutting or coloring technique?

My favorite cutting technique would be texturizing, texturizing is the perfect way to create movement in your clients hair! My favorite coloring technique would be foilayage, you can create so much versatility in your clients color with this technique! You’re creating a lived in color while being in control of how much depth and dimension you want to give your client. You can even create a more bold and solid color look with this technique! It’s definitely my go too!

What about styling?

When styling my clients I think a products are a blowout are key to creating the shape and movement you want in your clients over all end result. I like to start off with my leaf and flower 7 minute blowout spray all throughout the hair and the new leaf and flower volumizing spray at the roots. To me the most important part of a blowout is the round brush! I swear by a boar bristle round brush!! Once I’ve got my client blown out I always take my 1.25” bio ionic long barrel curling iron to create the perfect curls for my client using what I like to call the “twist and pull” method! Personally I like nice bouncy shiny curls and choose not use hair sprays! I break up the curls using a texture spray and then take a wide toothed comb and comb through the curls to loosen them. I then finish their entire look off with leaf and flowers phyto-molecular oil to add that shiny finish to the hair!

How do your clients feel about that?

I feel like my clients are always most intrigued by how little product I use on their hair and how long their curls last them while still looking amazing! I believe it’s not about how

Many products you use but about what products you use and how you use them! They’re always obsessed with their curls and I give them as many tips and tricks possible to help them achieve the same look at home! 

What is a word of advice that you have for new stylists? 

My word of advice to all new stylist would be to keep pushing. It’s hard starting out in this industry, there’s a lot of trial and error whether it’s finding techniques that work for you, finding a good salon home, or getting clients in the door, whatever it may be  it’s always worth it to keep pushing to find your way in this amazing industry! As long as you keep pushing you WILL find your way and you WILL be successful and it is so rewarding!

How do you like to spend your days off?

I typically spend one of my days off running errands and catching up on cleaning. Once I’ve got my cleaning and errands done I spend any of my following days off with my family or cuddled up with my Aggy, my cat in the bed binge watching whatever current tv show I’m into.

Favorite pick-me-up in the middle of a busy salon day? 

My favorite pick me up in the middle of a busy salon day would definitely be a nice iced cup of coffee. A little caffeine to help me power through the rest of the day is always the answer. 

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