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How to Manage and Prevent Missed Appointments in the Salon


Missed salon appointments are a drain on profits and morale, frustrating stylists and salon owners alike. And while not all no-shows are preventable, they don’t have to be a regular occurrence; follow these tips to minimize how often they occur and make the most of the time when they do!

Preventing Salon No-Shows

Start With a Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policies get a bad rap, but they are effective. Further, they don’t have to be rigid; consider implementing a fee for repeat offenders only and give stylists the ability to waive the fee at their discretion.

Clients will work harder to remember their appointments if they know they could be subject to a cancellation fee.

Confirm Bookings

Send clients an appointment confirmation via email or text immediately upon booking. Clients can add the appointment to their schedule right away so they receive a reminder from their calendar. The practice also helps to prevent no-shows resulting from miscommunications and clerical errors.

Enlist the Help of Reminders

Send clients a friendly reminder one-to-two days ahead of their scheduled appointment to reduce no-shows. Clients will generally appreciate it, whether it comes in the form of a phone call or a text, and will be far less likely to forget their appointment.

Always keep client info current to keep this system functioning.

Foster Loyalty

Encourage loyalty by building solid relationships with clients. A client is much less likely to skip an appointment if they have a relationship with the stylist. Loyal clients know that their stylist will miss them if they don’t show up and are far more likely to respect the stylist’s time.

Make it a point to welcome clients and genuinely engage with them when they come into the salon. Let them know that the salon and stylist value their time and appreciate their business.

How To Handle Missed Appointments When They Happen

It is impossible to prevent all no-shows, so prepare for when they do happen.

Have a System in Place

Make the most out of missed appointments by utilizing the time. Have a system in place so stylists know exactly what to do in the event of a no-show. This might include keeping a waiting list of clients that may be interested in coming in earlier, or having a list of projects stylists can tackle with the spare time.

Put out a sandwich board or window sign advertising that the salon is accepting walk-ins, or share the opening on social media with an incentive to fill the slot (like minis and travel products). This not only fills the slot, but could also draw in new clients that otherwise might not have come in.

Figure Out What Went Wrong

When clients miss an appointment, follow up with them to make sure they’re okay. Find out the reason for missing and work with them on how to prevent this from occurring again. The client will appreciate the concern and the interaction also provides an opportunity to reschedule the service.

Remember to always be understanding; even the most conscientious client will sometimes just plain forget, and we can all benefit from a little kindness and grace when we do.

While not all no-shows are preventable, salon owners and stylists can minimize the potential for missed appointments by implementing strategies such as cancellation policies, booking confirmations, appointment reminders, and more. Remember that not all no-shows are preventable; be understanding when they do occur and work to prevent them in the future.

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