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Add Revenue to the Books Fast With These Popular Services!


Looking for ways to generate some additional revenue? Look no further! We’ve curated the list of services below for stylists looking for simple add-ons that have a big impact.

b3 Brazilian Bond Build3r

Category: Repair & Restore
Potential income: $250/wk (10 services at $25 each)
Application: Repair bonds during color treatments

b3 Brazilian Bond Build3r is the perfect way to repair and restore hair during a color service. Simply add the pre-measured amount to the color formulation: No additional processing time or change to the developer.

b3 Brazilian Bond Build3r goes to work immediately to repair all bonds, leaving hair healthy and shiny. At $25 per service, it’s an easy and cost-effective add-on to any color service.

b3 Demi Permanent Conditioner

Category: Repair & Restore
Potential income: $500/wk (10 services at $50 each)
Application: Repair extremely dry, damaged, and color-treated hair
How Long it Lasts: Up to 12 washes

b3 Demi Permanent Conditioner instantly repairs dry hair from within by penetrating the hair and fusing amino acids to weak fibers, rebuilding the integrity of the hair. It seals the cuticle, protecting against moisture loss and environmental damage. Clients leave with markedly stronger, healthier hair—a result they can keep for up to 12 washes.

At a slightly higher price point, stylists love b3 Demi Permanent Conditioner because they can add it to any service and it reduces styling time while providing dramatic results for only $50.

b3 Extension Repair (System)

Category: Repair & Restore
Potential income: $4800 annually
Application: Refresh the look of extensions
How Long it Lasts: Up to two months

For clients with extensions, b3 Extension Repair is the answer stylists and clients alike have been searching for to make extensions last longer while still looking fresh. The system consists of a cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, and refresh—all used in a single treatment to freshen up extensions so they look like new.

The unique formula prevents breakage at anchor points and avoids loosening bonds or adhesives. It reinforces fiber length and fills in any damage to create a seamless blend between natural hair and extensions.

Stylists can extend the life of their client’s extensions by up to two months, making this a big revenue booster for the ever-expanding extension service market.

Brazilian Blowout Rewind

Category: Repair & Restore
Potential income: $500/wk (10 services at $50 each)
Application: Revitalize tired hair
How Long it Lasts: Up to ten washes

Brazilian Blowout Rewind is a professional anti-aging treatment that instantly brings tired hair back to life.

This innovative service instantly repairs years of damage and signs of aging for a dramatic transformation. Use with a color service for improved color deposit and retention, or add to a cut to tame wiry grays; Rewind is a great add-on to any salon visit!

Clients love that their hair instantly looks younger, healthier, and shinier, and it’s easier to manage—a result that lasts up to ten washes for just $50.

Brazilian Blowout Original

Category: Smooth & Protect
Potential income: $825/wk (3 services at $275 each)
Application: Improves hair condition and eliminates frizz. 
How Long it Lasts: Up to 12 Weeks.

Brazilian Blowout Original is the trend-setting smoothing product everyone is talking about. The proprietary polymer system coats the hair shaft with a protective protein layer to improve its condition and provide ultra-smoothing and shine.

Brazilian Blowout Express

Category: Smooth & Protect
Potential income: $750/wk (6 services at $125 each)
Application: Smooth frizzy hair
How Long it Lasts: Up to four weeks

For a quick and lasting renewal, try Brazilian Blowout Express. This system cleanses and smoothes hair in a single step for a striking smoothing effect that lasts up to four weeks in under 60 minutes—no waiting period.

Brazilian Blowout Express is an excellent intro for clients short on time or not comfortable with the price point of Brazilian Blowout Original. At $125 per service, it’s a great add-on for clients looking for that extra something to polish their look at a reasonable price point.

Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction

Category: Repair & Protect
Potential income: $250/wk (10 services at $25 each)
Application: Repair split ends while protecting against future damage
How Long it Lasts: Up to four weeks

Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction repairs split ends by filling in damage and bringing fibers together for an instantly healthier, smoother look.

The treatment prevents cuticle cracking to protect against future split ends. Add on to any service or use as a cutting lotion for a result that keeps hair protected from split ends and environmental damage for up to four weeks.

Interested in adding these revenue generators to your services? Log in or register to shop Brazilian Blowout and b3 Brazilian Bond Build3r at EISS for everything you need to get started!