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Meet Jaime Pryor, Our Latest Stylist Spotlight at EISS


Jaime Pryor, Lead Stylist at R. Caspar Salon in Raleigh, North Carolina, is our latest EISS Stylist Spotlight!

How’d you get your start in education? 


My salon owner approached me and let me know that I embodied what R+Co was about! R+Co is really about not having a right or wrong way of doing things, which fits with me, as I’m very much self-taught. 


What’s your favorite product from your brand? 


I love the BALLOON DRY VOLUME SPRAY for big, funky, rolled-out-of-bed hair. My mom traumatized me with all her hairspray growing up. All they had was alcohol in a can—this is the product they needed back then. I describe it to my clients as the hair you get when putting a balloon on your head. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 


Spray sections in the hair and zhuzh it up (start at the root and go down the section). Then, tilt their head back and spray the product up into the hair. I also brush through and re-zhuzh it to finish. 


What new skills would you like to learn?

There are so many interesting things in this world; how do you pick just one?! I would love to learn to play some sort of instrument, and I don't even really care which one!

Who’s your biggest mentor? 

As corny as this sounds, my dad. No, he’s not a hairdresser, but he is in a trade and truly has taught me the value of hard work, determination, and proving people wrong. 

Where do you find your inspiration? 

I’m newly pregnant, and recently my unborn daughter has been my biggest inspiration to create a beautiful life and work that she will be able to look up to. As far as inspiration for hair, truly, I get it from my clients. Sometimes they will come in with some crazy ideas or, honestly, boring ideas, and it's so fun to make it our own and really collaborate together to create beautiful work. 

What is the most rewarding part about educating?

I learned this from an educator a few years ago, but at the end of all of my classes, I do a “brain dump.” It's exciting to see the other stylists realize what they learned and really see those gears turn in their heads. 

What is your favorite cutting or coloring technique?

I LOVE to freehand balayage. There's just something about seeing how each carefully painted piece lays and seeing your vision come to life. It's also so fun for the guest because they can get a sneak peek at what their hair will look like. 

What about styling?

I’m a very much of a do-it-my-own-way type of person. 

My ride or die blowout products are to start with ONE PREP SPRAY, with AIRCRAFT POMADE MOUSSE onto the root, but don’t be too heavy-handed! Then, use MOTORCYCLE FLEXIBLE GEL on mids and ends. It makes their hair shiny. I get the best results when I’m heating it up—emulsifying in my hands. 

Gel! How do you clients feel about that?

I think my clients freak out. When they see me about to put a gel into their hair, they think, “What is this lady doing?” Especially new clients. Most clients don't want to venture out, so that’s why I like to get creative with products. I always tell them, just try it! 

I love to do things that other stylists haven't done before with new clients. I think it’s kind of fun. It’s kind of a way we bond. As a stylist, you have to set yourself apart. You can tell I’m very straight up with my clients. It’s just hair. If they don't like it, I can rinse them out, and we can blow-dry with a moisture cream.

What is a word of advice that you have for new stylists? 

You will make mistakes, and honestly, I have learned some of my best lessons from mistakes. Don’t let them scare you and discourage you, use that as motivation and learn from them. 

When you feel like you're falling into a rut, or burning out, truly take a step back and look at the big picture. Is it just that day, is it your workspace, is it just that one guest that takes everything out of you? Make the changes you feel are BEST FOR YOU and take care of yourself. 

How do you like to spend your days off?

I spend my days off with my dogs, Riley and Hank. (Obviously, I do more than just hang out with them) but they’re literally my husband and I’s entire life. 

Favorite pick-me-up in the middle of a busy salon day? 

Well, this is a funny one because I’m pregnant right now, so pretty much all I do is snack. Also, you might laugh, but I would say my favorite pick me up would be checking my cameras at my house and watching what my dogs are doing and being so excited to go home and snuggle them.