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Keune, an independent family-owned and operated business, has been changing hair for the better since 1922, and has worked together with salon professionals as true partners. Their expertise is based on a close collaboration - so they understand the needs of professionals and can help them accomplish beautiful things. Their color, care, styling, and grooming products are designed for all people and hair types.

In 1922 Jan Keune and his wife, Corrie, a pharmacist and producer of cosmetics from Amsterdam, became fascinated with curls. Hair used to be curled by heating curling irons over gas burners. That same year Jan started experimenting and discovered a perm formula. It was a resounding success and the first Dutch product conquered the world. Jan Keune's dream became a reality with the birth of Keune Haircosmetics.

In the years that followed, Jan introduced hairspray in an aerosol can, a cold perm formula, and hair gel. Later, Jan's son, George, introduced mousse - preferring this French word to the English "foam". Jan's grandson, George Junior, introduced the world to Tinta Color, creating a global success story. 

The Lines
Beautiful colors you'll love: Keune Color. With their professional color range, a hairstylist has everything they need to create beautiful hair. Every color and developer work together to perfection to deliver incredible results without compromising hair health.  

The Keune Care Essential Mineral complex nourishes the scalp to promote healthy hair.

Texturize, tame, smooth and set with a classic range of affordable yet luxurious Keune Style products.

Brought to you with pride by three generations, 1922 By J.M. Keune is a tightly edited collection of timeless grooming staples. Made in The Netherlands, enriched with homegrown ingredients, and perfected by science. Every single product, from hair gel to beard balm, does what it's supposed to: bring out your best.

Keune So Pure is exactly what the name suggests: a pure range of sulfate-, and ammonia-free color, care and styling products. A complete range of products that are 100% vegan and celebrate nature.

Keune Blend intermixable styling products cover the gamut of hair care - and are formulated to be used on their own or mashed up together to create any style that suits your client's mood.

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