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Add a New Revenue Stream With Toning Services


Most stylists incorporate toning into their work without even thinking about it, but considering toning as a separate service can unlock additional value for clients and bring in extra revenue for the salon.

Here are a few ways you can implement toning as a separate service, and why you should strongly consider it.

Improve Client Experience

We all know that a better client experience fosters long-term loyalty, so make the most out of client visits and send them home with a look they love. Many clients don’t realize that they have options to hide the grays they’ve been stressing about, or get rid of that brassy appearance. Clients living in rural areas are especially prone to brassiness from the minerals in their water and might not even realize that that’s where their brassiness is coming from, or that they can change it.

This is why a thorough consultation is so critical. Ask clients what they struggle with, or what they don’t love about their hair and see where toning fits into their life.

If they are unsure about the service, consider offering it for them to try at no additional cost. Once they see the results, they’ll likely want to incorporate it as part of their regular services.

Give Clients the Change They Crave

In addition to amping up stale blondes, toning is a great way to add a little extra something to a look, without a major commitment.

If clients are itching for a change, but don’t want to go with a drastic overhaul, suggest a toning service to add a semi-permanent hue to their look or just change the warmth of their blonde. Keune Semi Tone-on-Tone Color, for example, comes in a ton of gorgeous colors (Silver Lilac is a client favorite!) and is a great introduction to first-time color for clients that are unsure. Plus, it leaves hair with an extra shine that clients will love.

Advertise Toning Separately

Designating toning as a separate service not only increases visibility, but it can also help raise awareness of toning as part of a color service. Many clients don’t even realize that their stylist is toning their hair during a color service, so designating it as a separate service validates this extra cost and gives stylists the opportunity to educate their clients on toning’s importance.

This also opens the door to upselling clients on toning as an added service. A toning service can be the icing on the proverbial cake, giving clients the blonde they’ve always wanted, along with added shine. It can be just the thing they need to kick those winter blues and start spring looking and feeling fresh!

The addition of a toning service can be just the boost your salon needs to add revenue to the books and increase client loyalty. Shop the best in toning and color products at EISS and check out our Instagram page for tons of inspiration, expert advice, and upcoming events!