• Color Complete Collection

    Discover the new Moroccanoil Color Complete Collection! Meet the Moroccanoil team and learn about the latest from the leaders in oil-infused beauty.

    Lunch will be served

  • Look & Learn

    Updated annually, the Signature Cutting course is an introduction to Moroccanoil cutting terminology and methodology. Lines, layering and graduation are interpreted and perfected through consultation and craftsmanship.

  • Top Ten Ways to Increase Your Online Presence

    Moroccanoil’s Top 10 series of solution-based workshops was created
    to deliver the maximum amount of ideas and tools in a short period
    of time. Engaging with current and potential customers is essential in today’s
    ever-changing competitive market. With so many platforms and apps
    out there, putting together an online strategy can be overwhelming! This fun, fast-paced workshop breaks down the fundamentals and walks attendees through building an online presence that reflects their brand and caters to their target demographic.

  • Unity Collection - Look & Learn

    A three-hour look & learn cutting course featuring one of our biannual cutting collections. The cutting techniques demonstrated are designed to improve your haircutting skills and are not limited to the creation of specific cuts. Each technique may be implemented behind the chair immediately. This course will expand your essential skills and knowledge of the Moroccanoil hair care and styling portfolio.