BABE May2018



  • KEUNE 1922 By J.M. Keune Hands-On

    From the dream of a man in Amsterdam to the hands of men all around the world. 1922 BY J.M. Keune was born from ambition, grown by his sons, elevated by science, and made great by Dutch Craftsmen. From our World Class Wax to our Moisturizing Beard Balm your male clientele is going to fall in love with what makes 1922 different. Learn some of the most sought after men's styles as you freshen up your barbering skills and verbiage.

  • REUZEL Barbering Demo

    A REUZEL Scumbassador will demonstrate how to achieve classic Scumbag styles from Pompadours to Flattops. Learn how to approach these timeless cuts and how to intregrate the Scumbag techniques into your everyday work.