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  • 47744 ND1701 895890000267 1 Enzo Milano Combs SX ENZOcool Comb False enzomilano/enzomilanoenzocool.jpg 100.00 100.00 100.00 False True False 0.00 False False Diversion contract is required 0 ENZO MILANO SX ENZOcool Comb utilizes exclusive heating technology, Tribostatic®2 that increases heat recovery two times faster! Tourtanuim™ coated and heated bristles provide a smooth flawless finish coupled with ENZOcool Scalp™ which prevents scalp burning both provide optimal results. True Log in to view pricing! False
    Enzo Milano SX ENZOcool Comb

    Enzo Milano Combs SX ENZOcool Comb

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