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Their Heritage
ColorProof was born in California in 2012 as a passion project of founder Jim Markham who set out to raise the standard of the way the world cares for color-treated hair through high-performance ingredient innovation that is kind to humans and the earth alike.

Collaborating with ingredient manufacturers, industry-leading stylists, chemists and formula experts, ColorProof emerged as a brand of luxurious, award-winning, clean formulas that have won the hearts of colorists and their clients worldwide. That collaborative spirit lives strong today in a brand where all voices are heard, encouraged and valued.

Mindfully Curated
ColorProof believes in making a positive contribution to the world, one product at a time. They collaborate with a vast group of stylists, innovators, chemists and formula experts to create clean formulas, full of the good stuff and none of the bad. ColorProof never uses harmful toxins or chemicals so you can feel carefree about your color care.

ColorProof is committed to being kind to the Earth - and the animals - because all living things deserve respect. They use sustainable packaging wherever possible and are working towards 100% post-consumer recycled plastic for every bottle.

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